Corfigo’s mission, simply described, is embedded in the translation of our company name.

(‘cor’: heart + ‘figo’: fix, repair, in Latin)

We aim to fix hearts that are not working properly, using creativity and technology.

Jason Sperling, MD, FACS

Founder and President/Chief Scientific Officer

Jason Sperling, MD, FACS is the founder and President/Chief Scientific Officer of CorFigo, Inc. Dr. Sperling is a board-certified cardiac surgeon and innovator whose specialty interests and activities include a strong concentration on the treatment of cardiac rhythm disorders and other conditions. His observations and experience have led current industry leaders to modify their approaches to the treatment of these conditions. Dr. Sperling has also created intellectual property focused on devices and methods for cardiac repair and restoration.

Deron Siddons

Chief Executive Officer

Deron Siddons is the CEO and co-founder of CorFigo, Inc. He is a veteran of the international financial markets with over 25 years experience. Postings have included Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York. He has also worked extensively in all major financial centers within Europe. As a serial entrepreneur he has been involved in several successful fixed income and treasury management start-up companies. Now, as a recipient of a new medical treatment developed by Dr. Sperling, he is focusing his entrepreneurial energies on CorFigo, Inc’s corporate growth and future product offerings.

Laurie Lewandowski, MBA

VP Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance

Laurie Lewandowski  is an experienced regulatory affairs and quality assurance professional with over 25 years of experience in both global corporations (Guidant – now Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Wright Medical) and start-ups  (including r4 Vascular, Radux , APT-Medical, Pillar Palatal, Aqure Medical).  Her expertise in supporting design, development, manufacturing and quality management has led to approvals and clearances of a variety of medical devices and successful audit outcomes. Laurie has a Bachelor of Arts in Physics from Hamline University and an MBA from the University of St. Thomas